Registration fees

ESGCT is thrilled to announce that ESGCT will continue supporting student members who are presenting authors of an abstract accepted for an oral or a poster presentation.  The registration fees for those students will be waived to enable them to attend the congress free of charge if they hold PAID ESGCT student membership at the dates of the congress **

  15 May - 14 Jul  15 Jul - 22 Oct
Student (ESGCT member with abstract) €0 €150
Student (ESGCT member no abstract) €150 €150
Student non-member €250 €350
Academic (ESGCT member) €200 €250
Academic non-member €500 €550
Industry (ESGCT member) €450 €650
Industry non-member €950 €1100

European national society members
We are delighted to be holding the congress in collaboration with eight European national gene and cell therapy societies
If you are already a paid up member of your country’s society, you are entitled to free membership of the ESGCT for 2021, enabling you to take advantage of the preferential congress rates for society members. You should have received an email from your national society regarding this arrangement*. Should you wish to remain a member of ESGCT for 2022 onwards, the usual fees will apply.

Non ESGCT Members: Membership is available here, and is currently priced at €30 for Students, €60 for Academic, and €180 for Industry. Amongst other benefits, becoming a member gives you considerable savings on your registration rates.

Press: If you would like to register as a member from the press you can contact Christina and she will provide you with a discount code after checking your credentials.

Sponsors: If your company sponsors our congress, dependant on the sponsorship level you will be entitled to a number of free registrations and  subsequent registration at a reduced fee.  Please contact the person in your team in charge of sponsorships as they will have received the appropriate discount codes for registrations.  If in doubt you can also contact Liz.

Speakers: If you have been invited to speak in our meeting at an invited speaker (not an abstract selected for oral presentation) you will have received a discount code in your invitation letter.  If you are not sure please contact Gaëlle.

**Student members: ESGCT student members whose abstracts are accepted for an oral or a poster presentation can attend the congress free of charge! 

  • You MUST hold PAID ESGCT student membership
  • If you are intending to submit an abstract, select this category during registration; should your abstract be rejected, you will have the option of changing to a regular fee-paying registration, or cancelling
  • The student receiving the free registration must be the PRESENTER of this abstract whether it is an ORAL presentation or a POSTER presentation.
  • If NOT intending to submit an abstract, select the usual fee-paying category